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The Salem Singers by Tom Greenwood

The Salem Singers by Tom Greenwood

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The Salem Singers by artist and musician, Tom Greenwood, is an epic visual testimony that traces three generations of a family over the course of a century as they make their way from Russia to New York to California. Marion Curie helped Greenwood create the project and edit the film for The Salem Singers. Seven hundred fifty pages of images follow the clan of wandering troubadours through the great depression, suburbia, the American counterculture, love, divorce, murder and loneliness. A monumental account of lives caught in the currents of history. Greenwood says of The Salem Singers, "My work as a musician has been informed by abstraction, repetition and disintegration, ideas more common in visual mediums ... "

Tom Greenwood is well know for his music, particularly the Portland-based psychedelic rock band, Jackie-O Motherfucker. Artist Chris Johanson, who curated an art exhibition of Greenwood's work at New York's Cue Art Foundation says this of Greenwood's art and process: "He has a strong belief in chance and free flowing possibility. There is a keen interest in letting all the disparate elements that are around him and swimming in his mind find new fresh or unpredicted orders. His music and visual art vibrate a quality that chance, patient selection, and intuition have come together to create something new, something old, something that feels right."

A limited run of 15, The Salem Singers Package includes the book, a limited edition print, and a dvd with the film only shown in international galleries prior to this release.

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