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Parasite by Stephen Boyer

Parasite by Stephen Boyer

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Parasite, Stephen Boyer's debut novel is about a young 17 year old boy, Joshua Boyer, who runs away from his unaccepting Christian parents. Josh finds himself in San Francisco as a sex slave to an older man, but quickly tires of the abuse. He turns to working in the sex industry and searches for true love as he tries to figure out his new life. 

"If you're looking for a raw and slightly surreal missive from the land of poetic hustlers (and, really, who isn't?) Parasite is your book. Josh, the protagonist, is a queer teen with tranny tendencies and a psychedelic sensibility." —Alvin Orloff

"Josh is the sort of boy who experiences nearly everything through his ass, so he's not your usual sort of narrator, but if you've ever sat on anything weird, or anything splendid, this book will get to you just as it got to me." —Kevin Killian

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