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Elevator Mirror Displacements by Sebastian Black

Elevator Mirror Displacements by Sebastian Black

$ 25.00

Sebastian Black's Elevator Mirror Displacements, mobilizes the form of the elevator safety mirror in a parody of Robert Smithson's 1969 work Yucatan Mirror Displacements. Black's work is installed in the faux-natural pockets of the urban environment and the expanded ocular space of Smithon's work is further dispersed by the convexity of the mirrors. According to Black, "the space of the elevator-with its chit chat requirements, its even and equalizing light, and its general trajectory toward the office, apartment complex, gym etc-is a space where our subjectivity and subjecthood are quite clearly exposed as inextricable. Its a volume of consensus, of parallel lines, not overlap, and least of all confrontation. The mirror carves out its own warped wedge of space where the overlap of bodies, and violence in general is perpetually immanent."

This item originated from: Jank Editions