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Inherited & Borrowed Types by Ruby Sky Stiler

Inherited & Borrowed Types by Ruby Sky Stiler

$ 40.00

This book collects 22 photographic and textual mash-ups that fragment and reweave pages of text and images. Overlaid with ghostly profiles and other iconography, the resulting page-sized wall-hangings display the sort of multifarious, patterned relationships that obtain between word and image, past and present. All 22 are reproduced in full-size, front and back, in full-color images printed by Dynagraphic of Portland, Ore..
Ruby Sky Stiler is a Brooklyn, NY-based artist. Inherited & Borrowed Types was designed by Jiminie Ha and developed by Stiler and Publication Studio in collaboration with the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art for their exhibition "Human Being," curated by Kristan Kennedy.

This item originated from: Jank Editions