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Aionios by Patrick Kelly

Aionios by Patrick Kelly

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Patrick Kelly's Aionios is a limited edition book with spiraling angular hand cut shapes. Kelly hand cut each page of all eight books to create a sculptural space that the viewer can look into and experience with the flipping through of Aionios.

A translation of the word 'aionios' is everlasting and it is Plato's use of the word, "to denote that which has neither beginning nor end, that which is above time, but of which time is a moving image," that is at the core of these works. This series of books are designed to be viewed from either side with no true front of back and it is marked with time by the laborious hand cutting within each page. The book and hollowed out space are simultaneously the subject, a steady progression creating form and the absence that remains.

Patrick Kelly is an artist working in Portland, OR. He has been showing works throughout Portland, Seattle, and New York. He received a BFA from East Carolina University and an MFA from The George Washington University. Whether in drawings or sculptures his works involve ways of representing time and employ the use of light to reveal changing images. 

More of his work can be seen at cargocollective.com/patrickkelly.

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