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Why We Fight > Quran Neck by Pasha Malla

Why We Fight > Quran Neck by Pasha Malla

$ 20.00

Why We Fight  > Why Fight the War  > Why the Fighting Force  > Why Fight Fire  > Why Fight the Firepower  > Why Fight the Power of Fire  > Why Beautiful Wants War  > Why, is it a good war?  > Because there is a Just War  > Because it is Just a War  > Because of this War > Because of her Neck  > Neck of the Quran  > Quran Neck.

Between 1942 and 1945, filmmaker Frank Capra filmed Why We Fight, a series of propaganda films, for the United States Government. In 2011, writer Pasha Malla transcribed the final film of Capra's series. He fed the transcription into Google Translate, changing it from English into French, then from French into Arabic, then from Arabic into German. After many translations, he changed the transcription back into English, then edited it. Why We Fight > Quran Neck features the original transcription on the left page, and the cut-up translation on the right. The book is illustrated with pseudo-propaganda posters by artist Aaron Scholl.

This item originated from: The Book Bakery