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the still night air by Mitzi Pederson

the still night air by Mitzi Pederson

$ 35.00

In collaboration with Seattle's Open Satellite Productions, Publication Studio presents the catalog for Mitzi Pederson's exhibition the still night air, which showed from February - March 2011 at Open Satellite.

From the Open Satellite website: "Glitter is applied to the broken edges of concrete blocks. Scrap-ends of two-by-four rest rest on mirrored paper. Long square wood dowels coated with black paint, silver leaf and glittered black sand are suspended from the ceiling … On site, Pederson altered, combined, and situated the materials, letting the exploration of each component's inherent physical properties and the unique architectural elements of the gallery space influence the final form of the work."

Mitzi Pederson is an artist living in Berlin.

This item originated from: Jank Editions