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Chloe Jarren's La Cucaracha by Matthew Stadler

Chloe Jarren's La Cucaracha by Matthew Stadler

$ 19.00

A murder mystery set in the storied mountain city of Guanajuato, Mexico, by the author of Allan Stein and Landscape: Memory. When a wealthy and respected woman of the people is found dead on a remote mountain hillside, an unlikely young photographer is thrust into the cross-hairs of American money and Mexican politics. Moving swiftly from lavish dinners to seedy bars, Chloe Jarren's La Cucaracha brings the genre formalism and precision of a John Le Carré novel to bear on "the mongrel dynamism, the deluded optimism of 21st century neo-liberal politics." 

It is available in our hand-made Jank Edition by PS, in an attractive PSEBM edition (suitable for bookstores) designed and produced by Vladimir Verano of Third Place Press, Seattle, WA (with cover designed by David Knowles), or as an eBook.

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