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Overboard by Lindsey Boldt

Overboard by Lindsey Boldt

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Oakland, California poet Lindsey Boldt's OVERBOARD is a deeply personal and often laugh-out-loud prose poem in three parts. She takes on Goldie Hawn as her avatar in a revamp of the classic 80's movie as poparchetype from new poetic (and sometimes scientific) perspectives. The role of narrator swims between the voice of Lindsey and Goldie interchangeably, whether it's through correspondence with ex-boyfriends or a narrative in which Lindsey witnesses Goldie, taller than the tallest skyscrapers, take her revenge on San Francisco in an unforgettable B- horror movie-like climax. With a uniquely feminist humor, Lindsey is able to splash the roles of mother, girlfriend, woman into total absurdity inviting us to track as best we can what it means to be a golden blonde heiress once spoiled by riches, now an under-water, lower-class amnesiac house-wife, now a poet living in Oakland.

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