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xyxx by Kimberly Warner and David McLaughlin

xyxx by Kimberly Warner and David McLaughlin

$ 50.00

xyxx is a book of iPhone photographs by Kimberly Warner and David McLaughlin, a "living visual, open ended love letter between two slightly twisted lovers who would rather take pictures with their phones than talk on them." xyxx is limited to images shot and manipulated with the iPhone and iPhone apps only. No computers. No photoshop. "We started playing ping pong with snaps throughout our days via email whether we were half a world apart or walking next to each other in our neighborhood...an ever evolving game of tag with no rules or expectations other than to simply be present."
The 200 page full-color book was printed by Digicraft, Portland, Ore., and bound and trimmed by Publication Studio in a two-volume launch edition of 20, signed and numbered.

This item originated from: Jank Editions