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Postures by Grant Maierhofer

Postures by Grant Maierhofer

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#8 in Publication Studio's, Fellow Travelers series:

“X, a young Midwestern novelist of uncertain talent, attends a Chicago-based writing program and relapses, after a few years of relative, Celexa-fueled relief from depression and self-harm. Though his world grows dark and cold, and he moves away from society with the unerring sincerity of the pilgrim, we never lose faith in X, due to Maierhofer’s impressive storytelling. He’s good both at the level of detail (and sentence), and in the larger picture (and for what might still be called “plot,” even in a novel so postmodern and affectless). Postures establishes itself early on as a guide to young America, but if I’d read the French translation, I would be thinking of Baudelaire, his poetry and fury and contempt and his sadness and his call for a transfixing fire.”
– Kevin Killian, author of Spreadeagle.

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