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Fowre #2: Country

Fowre #2: Country

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Accepting Pre-orders Now! This book will be officially released on February 15, 2017.

The second installment in PS Hudson's four-part series on music, Country is a saddle-stitched, screen printed art work housing a collection of country music interviews. Editors Peter Nowgrodzki and Jesse Montgomery record their conversations with several contemporary artists in this ever-popular field of American music, including Brandy Clark, Jonny Fritz (née Corndawg), Sam OutlawSmokey Hormel, and Colin Linden. Each interview also includes a short introductory essay contextualizing the dialogue to follow, with biographical information about the artist and something about the occasion on which the editors of this volume spoke to him/her.

Featuring cover art by Robbie Simon.

Fowre is a series of four books about music of varying formats and sizes. The odd spelling of our title is the fourth Hindu-Arabic numeral itself, a spelling of Tudor vintage subjected to orthographic fermentation in the dusty basement of printed history . It comes from a now rare tract by the Elizabethan poet Edmund Spencer, Fowre Hymns (1596), whose digital presence has eclipsed its physical one. The uncanny mutability of words—even of a single word over time, forming a great multitude of varietals—inspires this sequence of publications drunk on the sound of strings, circuits and voices.

  • 9.25" x 12.5"

  • ISBN:9781624621512

  • hashtag:#fowrecountry

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