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Painting A Portrait by Delaney Allen

Painting A Portrait by Delaney Allen

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Delaney Allen's second book published by Publication Studio, PAINTING A PORTRAIT, asks the question "by searching for the other do we find another?" Chronicling two years of being alone, the book features landscape photographs, self portraits and notes he has taken on lonely journeys. Allen's particular "alone-ness" is palpable on every page - the stark, highly contrasted landscapes recall Thoreau's determination of solitude; his self-portraits are often an attempt to prove an existence while simultaneously trying to disappear; and his notes, while private, are begging to be read. What is our response? Every person on earth has experienced pain and beauty. This shared experience allows us a communal empathy and PAINTING A PORTRAIT fiercely expresses that sentiment. This book finds another just by being and being read. And in that way, we find that none of us are really alone. It is a beautiful and brave offering and it burns off the page. 

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