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Summer Goals by Anne Parker Christie Maclean

Summer Goals by Anne Parker Christie Maclean

$ 28.00

Summer Goals began as a blog by Anne Parker and Christie MacLean chronicling theirs and their friends' summertime adventures through photography. This book contains a selection of those photos, from a variety of contributors, as well as written lists of goals for the hot weather months.

Contributors: Aidan Koch, Alyson Brown, Amy Merrick, Anabela Carneiro, Anne Parker, Chelsea Smith, Christie MacLean, Claire L. Evans, Emily Katz, Erik Ursin, Erin Lebow-Skelley, Erin McCown, Helmy Membreno, Jaclyn Delorey, Jaime Mason, Jen Hufnagel, Jeff Luker, Kate Miss, Kelly McCown, Logan Sachon, Megan Steel, Niles Armstrong, Rachel Demy, Sarah Meadows, Tessa Basore

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