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Fun Sponge by Alex Da Corte

Fun Sponge by Alex Da Corte

$ 60.00

Alex Da Corte collects, scavenges, and buys materials from the street, thrift stores, grocery stores and dollar stores. He is a painter and a consummate collaborator who greys the lines between collecting, absorbing, and embedding.  This catalog for his exhibition at the ICA @ MECA also functions as a 400 page flip-book.

Artists absorbed within Alex's work include: John Roebas, Sean Fitzgerald, Andrew Gbur, Sascha Braunig, Nancy Lupo, Alex Ebstein, Seth Adelsberger, Brian Kokoska, Mitchell Kehe, Brendan Smith, and Gaby Wolodarski. Designed by Other Means.

This item originated from: Downeaster