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Toward a Lexicon of Usership

Toward a Lexicon of Usership

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Originally published in English, Toward a Lexicon of Usership was used by various projects at different times — such as the Museum of Arte Útil — and now it is been released by Publication Studio São Paulo in a bilingual version, Portuguese and English, thanks to the good care of translator and researcher Julia Ruiz Di Giovanni, whose mission to bring this book to our language was very intricate.

Thoughtful of the usefulness of words, Stephen Wright builds his lexicon from three movements: conceptual institutions to be retired ▼ (such as authorship , expertise , assisted ready-mades ); modes of usership ♦️ ( hacking , idleness , gleaning ); emergent concepts ▲ (cognitive surplus , reciprocal ready-mades , profanation ). In each entry the reader will follow paths through philosophy, art history and everyday experience. In addition to a rich non-linear history of the concepts, Wright’s lexicon is — unlike the most contemporary productions of the art world — optimistic: “Turning away from pursuing art’s aesthetic function, many practitioners are redefining their engagement with art, less in terms of authorship than as users of artistic competence, insisting that art foster more robust use values and gain more bite in the real.”

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