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Warehouse Zone

Warehouse Zone

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Warehouse Zone, a long poem by Zane Koss, is the imaginative reconstruction of work. Drawing on both lyric and conceptual modes, the dense prose blocks re-enact a dialogue between a labourer and the robotic voice of the order-picking system with which they work. Immersive, eerie, and at times claustrophobic, Warehouse Zone relentlessly exposes readers to the human liminality of life under the invisible, non-productive, and underpaid labour of postmodern capitalism.

 “Koss persuades us to feel the weight of digital atomism as it permeates not only the sphere of information and thought, but also the physical space of the ‘warehouse zone’ and the efforts of the worker’s voice and body.”

 John Nyman, The Town Crier
  • 4"x5"
  • 44pp

This item originated from: PS Guelph