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Artist's Edition 1, $25

ReMediate by Christina Kingsbury & Anna Bowen

$ 20.00

This book by visual artist Christina Kingsbury and poet Anna Bowen represents the culmination of a three-year site specific installation on the former Eastview Landfill site in Guelph, Ontario. Kingsbury’s 2,000 square foot quilt, made of handmade paper embedded with local native seeds, was installed on the site in 2014-15. Bowen’s poetry documents the artist’s labours, from seed harvesting to hand quilting, and gives elegiac expression to the stories, both contemporary and historical, collected on and about the site.

ReMediate includes "Re(Mediations) on Earth, Poetry, Care and Labour," an essay by Karen Houle, and a Foreward by Dawn Owen.

Available in softcover Regular Edition, $20; Artist's Edition 1 (with handmade seed paper band), $25; and Artist's Edition 2 (with handmade seed paper dust jacket), $30.

This item originated from: PS Guelph