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&,2: This Happened To One Of Us by &, Collective

&,2: This Happened To One Of Us by &, Collective

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&, 2: this happened to one of us is less confessional poetry than poetry brought to the confessional. For &, Collective’s second project, one member would bring a prompt to workshop describing a true thing that happened to them. The others would respond with a poem written as if the experience had really been their own. In this book of poems the reader is presented with one authentic poem for every two to five impostors. What you do with them is up to you.

Illustrations by SADSADDERDAZE.

&, Collective is Mike Chaulk, John Nyman, Adrien Potvin, Sierra Paquette-Struger, Ceilidh Barlow Cash, and Zane Koss.

SADSADDERDAZE is the collective project of Alison Postma, Elana Shvalbe, Emma Green and Emma Welch. Formed in early 2016, their collaborative work is informed by architectural space and forms, particularly of public spaces.

This item originated from: PS Guelph