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$ 20.00

Fantasy by Matt Prins
Published by Publication Studio Edmonton

Edmonton artist Matt Prins’ book work Fantasy, a compilation of lost internet entries sourced again via the Wayback Machine, was commissioned as a part of the exhibition Charrette Roulette: Language at the Art Gallery of Alberta, edited by Kathy Slade and Kay Higgins.

Artist Biography:

Matt Prins is an Edmonton-based writer, illustrator and creator of Instant Books are Your Future – a website that houses over 300 mini zines written by himself and a host of other artists from around the world. Prins completed an internship at Printed Matter Inc., the world’s largest artists’ bookstore, located in New York. He co-founded the curated boutique and gallery, Local Gifts with fellow artists Nick Johnson, Candice Kelly and Cole Kushner. The guy cannot stop snarfing on potato chips.

This item originated from: PS Edmonton