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$ 20.00

DAYJOBDREAM by Andrew Buszchak 
Published by Publication Studio Edmonton

In a DAYJOBDREAM, you know what you know, but as you know it, you begin to unknow it; what you knew becomes unknown to you. In other words, are you you?

Artist Biography:

Andrew Buszchak is an interdisciplinary artist working most lately in video, text and sculpture; he holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from NSCAD University. In 2015, he participated in the Art Gallery of Alberta’s Do It Yourself: Collectivity and Collaboration in Edmonton, and his durational office light installation, Beacon, was produced for Edmonton’s inaugural Nuit Blanche. Other engagements of note with Edmonton’s arts community include his limited edition woodblock print accompaniment to the Society of Northern Alberta Printmakers’ spring 2014 edition of SNAPline, and his performance Custodial Walk (2014, in collaboration with Émilienne Gervais), presented by The Drawing Room.

This item originated from: PS Edmonton