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The Store (Der Laden) by szim

The Store (Der Laden) by szim

$ 15.00

The Store (Der Laden) is a radio drama written by szim, inspired by the Neo Rauch painting, Der Laden (2005). In three scenes three different characters interact with the shop owner and reveal their relation to what is sold in the shop: life time. The fictional piece, originally written in German, The Store has been translated into English and both versions are printed in this book, starting from each end. Accompanying the book is a blue Risograph print of the Neo Rauch painting. 

In August 2015 The Store (Der Laden) premiered on SWR2 (A German public radio station) and was awarded by the Jenaer Hörspiel Festival.
The book is available in both grey/orange and blue/white. 

This item originated from: Jank Editions