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A Circular 2 by Pedro Cid Proença (ed.)

A Circular 2 by Pedro Cid Proença (ed.)

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A Circular and Publication Studio release a North American edition of A Circular 2. A Circular is a young art and design journal. Issue 2 features David Antin on Real Estate; a trio of short loops on song and sound by David Morris; Richard Hollis on Flags, Stars and Signs; Pedro Neves Marques on 1972; Dieter Roth's Trophies Rotated by James Langdon; Patrick Coyle fake fancying, feigning, forging; Wayne Daly and Sean Lynch in conversation; Adrian Piper's To Art (Reg. Intrans. V.) and another installment of Will Holder's Middle of Nowhere.

A Circular 2 is edited by Pedro Cid Proença

This item originated from: Jank Editions