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The Wolves by Jason R Jimenez

The Wolves by Jason R Jimenez

$ 16.00

The Wolves, Jason R Jimenez's debut novel, is the story of two men's obsession and possession of two women, separated by over 600 years of history. In San Francisco, an unnamed narrator comes under the spell of a mysterious and wildly violent young woman named Wolf. The two rampage through the city on a delirious journey, fueled by drugs and fasting, finally crashing and succumbing to the narrator's destructive fantasies. In medieval Italy, an elderly priest, Raymond of Capua, is sent to Siena by the Pope, where he quickly develops a fascination with the future Saint Catherine of Siena. Catherine defies Raymond's, the Pope's, and her city's path to the Lord, and in so doing, captivates Raymond to the point that he can only reach the Lord through Catherine's own spiritual power. The two tales mirror one another in their violence and sexual obsession. There is no escape from the wolves. 

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