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Body Shop by Sabrina Chou

Body Shop by Sabrina Chou

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‘the body is an unfinished project, historically and geographically malleable in certain ways. (…) The body is not a closed and sealed entity, but a relational ‘thing’ that is created, bounded, sustained, and ultimately dissolved in a spatiotemporal flux of multiple processes. (…) The body which we inhabit and which is for us the irreducible measure of all things is not itself irreducible’. (David Harvey in ‘The body as an accumulation strategy’)

BODY SHOP is a meeting point for butchers and tailors. In her series of poster sculptures and in the accompanying publication Sabrina Chou reflects on the condition of our body: this body is dispersed, distributed and regulated through overlapping bio-political systems. The text, itself cut up, and reassigned to individual graphic vessels, becomes a skin, a pill or knife that inserts itself into our collective body. Publishing could be understood that way. The installation of BODY SHOP took place on the 24th of January 2016 at Publication Studio Rotterdam.

This item originated from: Back Door Books