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The Book(s): Artist Books of Ned O'Gorman

The Book(s): Artist Books of Ned O'Gorman

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Accepting Pre-orders Now! This book will be officially released on January 18, 2017.

New York City poet and educator Ned O’Gorman (1924–2014) began making artist books in the last decade of his life. The books were created on unbound sheets of paper using collage, colored pens and gouache. These delicate and playful works find a wider audience for the first time in The Book(s):  Artist Books of Ned O’Gorman, and are complemented by selected critical and poetic texts.

From Classics scholar Nicholas Birns' essay:

"Agamemnon and Ulysses were his familiars, just as were saints and religious painters, and O’Gorman knew that dual acquaintance was both juxtaposition and crisis. For O’Gorman, a profoundly believing Catholic, a passionate and celebratory gay man, this crisis, this split, was also in his very embodiment and experience."

In addition, The Book(s) contains a concise bibliography of O'Gorman's works of poetry, and of his artist books. Interior pages are printed digitally on Mohawk Superfine (archival) with selected pages screen printed, and cover printed letterpress.


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