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Some Memories About Memory by Devon Kerslake

Some Memories About Memory by Devon Kerslake

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After working in the locked Alzheimer’s wing of a long term care home, Devon Kerslake started using ink drawings to examine the unfairness of memory. Among the many portraits of beloved faces, Kerslake uses ink to examine objects such as lost eyeglasses and teeth, abandoned walkers, piles of misplaced shoes, and coffee cups whose presence alone conjure a spectre of the individuals that she once knew. Her work, presented now in book form, highlights an obsession with revisiting the quotidian trauma of working in a nursing home while simultaneously illustrating the artist’s fascination with the impossible glimmers of recognition for those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Devon Kerslake is an artist, illustrator and graphic facilitator. With an affinity for storytelling through images and comics, Kerslake's drawings are often both humourous and unsettling. Devon holds a Master's in Cultural Studies from the University of Winnipeg and has recently relocated to Guelph.

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