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Peripheral Review 2016

Peripheral Review 2016

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Peripheral Review 2016 is the first print publication of the online magazine, consisting of a collection of published content from its inaugural year, including critical reviews of exhibitions and performances, interviews with artists and images of work exhibited in both Toronto, ON and Vancouver, BC. 
Peripheral Review is an online and print platform for documenting and expanding the Vancouver and Toronto art scenes while enabling access for emerging artists and writers. Through publishing critical exhibition reviews, interviews and artistic responses, the magazine strives to bring together multiple perspectives to form a cohesive, thorough and expansive dialogue. 
Authors: Ella Adkins, Daniel Colussi, Kristina Fiedrich, Sara Korzec, Adriana Lademann, Lauren Lavery, Tori Maas, Nathan Marsh, Genevieve Michaels, Glenn Vanderkloet
Artwork: Danielle Cole, Jasmine Reimer

This item originated from: PS Guelph