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PAL SKILLS by A Recent Writing

PAL SKILLS by A Recent Writing

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PAL SKILLS are the skills necessary for keeping existing conversations in motion. They formalize, realize and distribute the thinking that works through our practices. They compose what happens in this A Recent Writing. PAL SKILLS asks:what kind of language — produced from a close proximity— formulates the complicated texture of knowing too much. The many details, a lack of clear categories, the cross-flow of production and a wandering focus. The texts we present here enter this territory. They speak of relationships and establishing alternative vocabularies. They are pal skills. They address the urgency and reality of artistic production happening here, wherever this is.

Featuring new writing by Isabel Marcos, Kirsty Roberts and Milica Trakilović. Edited by Liz Allan and Micha Zweifel. LICK THE ROAD, CLAW THE TAR by Isabel Marcos on the video installation and performance Highway by art duo Momu & No Es. GRINNING MACHINES AND A CLOSEMOUTHED GROWL by Kirsty Roberts on the collaborative work of Toon Fibbe and Laura Wiedijk. I'VE BEEN PLAYING MYSELF, BABY I DON'T CARE by Milica Trakilović on the long-duration performance SERFBORT of Dennis Van Vreden.

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