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"Notes" by A Recent Writing

"Notes" by A Recent Writing

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"Notes" is number three of A Recent Writing. It was commissioned by Showroom MAMA in Rotterdam. With contributions by the artists of exhibition WE <3 CAMP at Showroom MAMA and collaged by staff, volunteers and visitors, we have put together something like a Fanzine, lingering between critical stay-cationing, aesthetic storytelling and exaggerated excitement. In the double context of both a summercamp-as-exhibition and through reflections on the history of the "Camp" sensibility as noted by American writer Susan Sontag in 1964, "Notes" comes together to ask how many ways the word camp can be understood in the sentence: "Camp as a row of tents." Camp in our hands becomes a walking stick to explore how anti-style, taste and its embrace of artifice can still express marginalized sensibilities while detouring normative aesthetics. "Notes" is a group field trip into holiday styles, the détournement of, and of course with, camp.

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