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Mapping The Ward by Annie Dunning and Janet Morton

Mapping The Ward by Annie Dunning and Janet Morton

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Mapping the Ward was a process-based exploration of Guelph neighbourhood "The Ward" through the arts. The aim of the project was to create a collaborative, inclusive, collectively generated compilation of narratives and images that reflect our community. This book, which compiles all of the community-generated content, offers residents a perspective of an evolving, fluid history that weights historical “fact” and personal experience equally.

Mapping the Ward was initiated and facilitated by visual artists Annie Dunning and Janet Morton, who both currently reside in the Ward. For this project they partnered with the Two Rivers Neighbourhood Group and received an “Artists in the Community” Grant from the Ontario Arts Council that has made this project possible.

This portrait of a community maps out valued places, personal and oral histories, community icons, and cultural events. The project evolved in the spirit of a community conversation, as did this publication. This book is a snapshot of our neighbourhood now. It is offered as a chance to make new connections within the neighbourhood, experience different perspectives of this place, and strengthen the sense of connection amongst residents as the Ward continues to evolve.

Contributors to this project include; Maureen Blackwood, David Cadogan-Blackwood, Nick Craine, Mike Deane, Fierce Dunn-Dufault, Niki Henry, Peyman Heravi, Nan Hogg, Devon Munn, Eric Payseur. Maria Pezzano, Katherine Roger, Deidre Rose, Ivano Stocco, Rebecca Sutherns, Gillian Wilson and Barbara Zuccala.

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