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Incident Report No. 1-100

Incident Report No. 1-100

$ 30.00

INCIDENT REPORT is an experimental viewing station located in Hudson, NY, curated by artists and resident Hudsonians Maximilian Goldfarb, Allyson Strafella, and Nancy Shaver. This book, designed by Chris Lee, showcases ten years of incidents by numerous artists, and was released on the occasion of a retrospective show at September Gallery.

From the introduction by the Incident Report team:

"The activity of Incident Report as a project, as an artwork in all its possible contexts (gallery, book, sidewalk, workshop, kitchen table discussion and so on) extends beyond initial spatial boundaries. What we have been doing is a flexible mode of looking and thinking about our town together with a parade of participating authors and viewers, and it is possibly a portable tool for considering and activating other spaces and places. This is a role of art in examination of the everyday. We have found that the durability of such work comes out of the capacity to improvise around necessity and approximation."

We are always open.


  • 466pp.

  • 6.5" x 9" x 0.66"

  • ISBN: 9781624621611

  • hashtag: #incidentreport

This item originated from: Pilot Editions